Whether you are buying, selling, or any other reason, we feel it is very important that you attend the Survey.  You will learn a tremendous amount from your Surveyor, knowledge that will make you more aware of your vessel and a safer boat owner.  There are several types of surveys that are conducted:

Pre-Purchase:  This is perhaps the most common type of survey conducted.  Whenever a lender is involved in the purchase process this type of survey is almost always required.  Even without lending required it is highly recommended a Pre-Purchase be conducted. 

50' 1934 Ed Monk Sr. M/V "Nan"
Restored By Steve Hemry & Diane Anderson

It is critical you, the new owner, know absolutely as much as possible about the vessel.  For this reason we emphasize the importance of the purchaser to accompany our attending Surveyor during the entire survey process.

A Pre-Purchase Survey is a very thorough and detailed inspection of the vessel and includes structural, electrical, fuel systems, navigation equipment, rigging, propulsion, etc.  During a Pre-Purchase Survey the vessel is most always hauled from the water for bottom inspection.  The hull is inspected and sounded to insure there are no structural defects.  Also inspected are propellers, shafts, struts, rudders and attached accessories.  To view additional information about becoming a more knowledgeable purchaser go to "Thinking About Buying".

Insurance Update:  After you have owned your vessel for several years your insurance company will notify you to schedule a survey for insurance renewal purposes.  This is now required to insure the vessel condition is sound.   Sometimes the insurance carrier will allow a in-water Survey, however most often our-of-water inspection is required. Items inspected are similar to that of a Pre-Purchase Survey, with particular emphasis on structural condition of the vessel.  Safety items area also scrutinized carefully.  This type of Survey is usually required every four or five years.  Older wooden boats are often done every three years.

Pre-Sale Survey:  This is advantageous for the seller.  Anyone considering selling their boat should strongly consider having a Pre-Sale Survey conducted.  This is done using the same guidelines as a Pre-Purchase survey, however it is conducted prior to placing the vessel up for sale.  Its importance cannot be overlooked as it gives you, the seller, a heads-up prior to selling your boat.  If there are any deficiencies you will want to know them before a buyer arrives.  They can then be attended to prior to the purchasers Surveyor arriving.  If you would like more explanation about the benefits of this go to the section on "Thinking About Selling".

Donation:  Conducted prior to gifting your vessel to a non-profit organization.  This is often done for tax write-off benefits and is more of a appraisal for general value.  When donating your vessel keep in mind that IRS requires the Surveyor sign a form they provide.  Prior to have the inspection and valuation contact your local IRS office and get a form.  Then you can have it available when your Surveyor arrives.

Estate Settlement:  Provided to establish a fair market value for a vessel and is generally required in cases of probate and where there is a divided interest in a vessel. 

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