Mission Statement
"Global Marine Surveyors, Inc. is a leader in providing professional marine consulting through a highly motivated team of professionals who contribute to the safety and success of the industries and customers we serve".

"In Whatever Field Of Endeavor There Is No Compromise
For Experience"

Global Marine Surveyors was founded in 1971 by life long residents of the Pacific Northwest.  Throughout the last 33 years Global has performed thousands of marine surveys ranging from remote commercial fishing villages in Alaska to marinas in southern California, Hawaii and abroad.     

Our general offices are located in Lake Stevens, a few miles from Everett, Washington, centrally situated in the heart of Puget Sound. 

All of our surveys are conducted in accordance with ABYC, The American Boat and Yacht Council.

How To Find Us

Our physical location is near Everett, Washington, about 30 minutes north of Seattle.  Our services take us to destinations encompassing the entire Pacific Coast from Alaska to Southern California and Hawaii.

Corporate Headquarters:
Post Office Box 564, Lake Stevens, WA   98258

Want To Call Us?
Office Telephone  425-397-6601 or 360-659-8710
In Washington State Toll Free 1-877-909-6601
Fax 360-668-9789
Web Address:  http://www.boatsurveyors.com

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Membership In
Professional Societies

American Boat and Yacht Council
Propeller Club of the United States

Associate Member of Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

The America Society of
Naval Engineers

North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners' Assn.

Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors SAMS


Society of Boat and Yacht Designers
Society of Port Engineers of Puget Sound

Staff Contacts

Michael Oberg, SA

Email:  oberg@boatsurveyors.com
Cell Phone 425-330-9701

Stephen Hemry, SA

Email:  hemry@boatsurveyors.com
Cell Phone 425-422-9592

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