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We get numerous inquires from clients and interested parties regarding sources of insurance for wood boats.  During a recent poll several contributing Marine Surveyors provided names of insurance companies that cover wood boats.  Here are the replies received.  Thanks to those who contributed this information. 

Hagerty Marine Insurance
PO Box 67
Traverse City, MI 49685
800/762-2628   Call Tammy. If she cannot help your client the boat is probably not insurable.
Contributed By Jack Mackinnon, AMS®-SMS (Senior Marine Surveyor)

Heritage Marine Insurance
Mystic CT.
Contributed By Jim Curry AMS

Tawes Insurance, Jay Tawes, Crisfield, MD 410-968-1300

Hartge Insurance Co., Totch Hartge, Easton, MD 800-999-5251 or 410-819-0699

Also, other insurance companies sell policies for wood, but watch out -- the high volume lowest price policies might not be the best deal. Not all policies are the same. For example, some are written ACV (actual cash value) and when a claim is processed, they will pro rate parts AND LABOR based on the age of the vessel (say the repair bill on a 35 yr. old boat is $20k, they might only pay $8K less the deductible and leave the insured with a $12k yard bill) -- it's not like cars, the pleasure boat insurance industry, like the rest of our business, is only loosely regulated -- buyer beware.  It is good advise to consider going through an agent -- they may charge more, but the agent can explain what the policy means, and hopefully they will know what they are buying.

Contributed By Jan Van Sickle SA

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