There is a rich nautical history in the Pacific Northwest.  Along with the vast number of vessels are the reputation of many fine boat builders from this region.  We receive numerous contacts from clients throughout the world.  Many are seeking to purchase a vessel and have it transported to them.  Often, these are vessels requiring restoration, both power and sail boats.

Whenever you need concise, confidential information regarding any aspect of vessel purchase or sale, you can rely on Global.  We can assist with all arrangements, including vessel inspection, survey, oversee transport loading, coordinate mast unstepping, rigging, etc.

With today's technology, more people are taking advantage of e-mail.  Digital photography, which is incorporated as a standard part of our report, the photos can also be forwarded directly to you on-line.   

Confidentiality is a major aspect to our position.  We represent you.  No other person receives any information about the vessel without your authorization.

Contact us if you are considering purchase or sale of virtually any particular vessel.   We will provide you with all the details and can function as your "eyes and ears" throughout the entire transaction. 

Many methods are used by a professional Marine Surveyor.  Here is a example of distant and close up inspection.

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