If you have not yet experienced Tahsis, B.C. you are in for a big surprise.  This is truly a special place, and hosted by very special people, Kelly Russell and Kathryn Ridley, owners of Nootka Fishing Company.  You will find all the adventure possible, and only a half day's drive from Seattle. 

Fishing?  Tahsis is like no other place so close and Kelly is perhaps the finest guide in B.C.

Accommodations are plentiful.  You can stay at a lodge, bed and breakfast, rent a house or bring your own RV.  Costs are lower than you can imagine. 

There's more to tell than possible on this page, but if you like fishing and outdoor adventure you absolutely owe it to yourself to visit this unspoiled piece of paradise. 

For complete information about Tahsis, contact Kelly or Kathryn at Nootka Fishing Company.  One trip and you will be back year after year.