United States Genmar Holdings Inc. announced a voluntary recall of certain Outboard Marine Corp. (OMC)-built Stratos boats and, in a change from its earlier-stated position, the establishment of a 5-Year Structural Hull Warranty on 2000 and 2001 Stratos and Javelin models.

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IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE:EXPRESS Models B23000 and B23001QUALITY ADVISEMENT TO CONSUMERS:Kenyon International, working in conjunction with the U.S. Product Safety Commission, has determined that a quality defect may exist in Kenyon model B23000 and/or B23001 Express stoves shipped prior to April 4, 2001, and may lead to unsafe operating conditions. We are requesting that all EXPRESS model B23000 and B23001 stoves be returned to us for inspection and free replacement of the faulty component. New Kenyon Model EXPRESS stoves B23100 and B23101 are not being recalled.To assist with any questions you may have regarding this voluntary product recall, we have established a toll-free number, 1-866-585-7377. Our Customer Care Team is available to assist you Monday-Friday (8 am - 5 pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time). New stove returns must be pre-certified by calling and obtaining a Return Authorization number. Used stoves may be sent without prior approval. Butane gas canisters must be removed before shipment.Stoves should be returned to Kenyon International, Attn: Express Recall, 8 Heritage Park Road, Clinton, CT, 06413. Please do not ship stoves to the P.O. Box address.

This particular recall relates to a "faulty safety regulator" in the Kenyon stove, which is supposed to trip and shut-off fuel flow to the stove burner before the portable 8 ounce butane 2P/2Q canister pressure nears the Rim Vent Release (RVR) pressure point (whereupon the canister opens and spills butane fuel on the counter top). If the stove burner is still ignited because the safety regulator fails, the spilled fuel quickly catches fire.  The integral canister can heat up, for instance, if the stove grate is inverted, which directs the burner heat down toward the canister. A large pot that overhangs the stove burner may produce similar results. (See ABYC A-30 for more details on cooking appliances with integral LPG cylinders.)

This Kenyon recall relates to at least one specific fire claim that has resulted from the regulator defect. However, there have been reports of other "explosions" and fires caused by portable stoves produced by other manufacturers (such as Glowmate, or Glowmaster), which use the same DOT approved 2P/2Q canisters. Most of these have been non-marine related incidents, where the stoves are more commonly used. As a result, the U.S.
Consumer Product Safety Commission is conducting an investigation into the cause/s.

If you are involved in any fire related claims that involve any portable stove that uses the 2P/2Q 8-ounce butane canisters, please contact me at 800-262-8082, ext. 3033, or contact Bill Rowe, project engineer at the CPSC, at 301-413-0173. If possible, do not tamper with the stove more than necessary.

Vessel Alert:

1998 26' Century Center console. The sea cocks are PVC swimming pool valves threaded onto plastic thru-hull fittings. The thru hulls are straight thread and the valves are tapered thread. Once the valve is threaded on so far, it splits like a log. I just finished up a sinker on one of these.

Provided By Ron Alcus, AMS, Member of Society Of Accredited Marine Surveyors